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Parenting Together Ltd

Social Enterprise
(NPO) reg 06796387

Parents taking control of local child protection. Safeguarding, every child's birthright to protection, love and care

We formed a parenting cooperative, 2006, in response to savage bullying and assaults on our schoolchildren. Evidently, Local authorities encourage abuse by providing grooming gangs with private records of fatherless girls
These girls were made fatherless in Courts by Public Officials, including the judiciary, charities and professionals, employed or on contract. Many have personal interests, in such as babies, schoolgirls, young children or shares in Care homes, fostering and adoption companies
We became a Non-Governmental(NGO), Non-Profit Organisation(NPO), 2008, Social Enterprise reg: 06796387

Re-claiming your Parental Authority, responsibility and autonomy


Parenting Together charity

2012, we established Parenting Together Charity reg: 1149523

Legal services and rolling support for disadvantaged parents with restricted abilities or difficulties

Giving disadvantaged parents the opportunity to present factual and valid evidence in Family Court cases. We prevent Local Authorities selling children abroad, or misplacing them into the arms of unrelated strangers

Can only offer legal advice where there are no other advisors


Safer Parent for safer communities

Parents creating safer communities for their family

An association of community and non-profit organisations, providing a variety of services and support to prevent bullying, reduce crime and establish our proven effective, protocol for protecting young people


Emotional and family Stability 4 Children

Emotional and family stability for children

An established association of Law firms and other regulated professionals, offering limited amounts of their time for parents at risk of losing their children unlawfully, through Social Services or Family Court proceedings

Can only offer legal advice where there are no other advisors


Expert Witness Reports and professional services for the Wishingwell and protection of children

Expert Witness Reports, Social Care Reviews and family related professional services

An established service provider to Solicitors, and others involved in legal matters concerning family and children

Offering limited pro bono work, training and guidance to support our service users

Can only offer legal advice where there are no other advisors