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Legal Aid : Ref: 729229

 Posted: 07/May/2021

Forced Adoption now Halted returning child to the maternal family The social worker said she is only overseeing the case so cannot have a say I send her all of my work from the freedom programme and all of my feedback from my tutor from my other course. Still she says she cannot have a say.... The social worker made her mind and now nothing will change any social workers view on my case. She is adamant in her final evidence that I haven't made enough change. I need someone on my side willing to fight for my child. Please, please help me.

Legal Aid : Ref: 729226

 Posted: 06/May/2021

I am trying to discharge the care order on my 12 year old autistic son who has been on a full care order since July 2018. I was told I needed therapy and I have completed this and received a positive report from the court psychiatrist. The father is not involved in any way even though he has PR. The parenting assessment was negative on the grounds my son's needs were too complex for me to deal with by myself. However, this is in breach of Section 17. I did not harm my son but was accused of future emotional harm based on the initial psychiatric assessment. The threshold was not reached in my opinion but I had poor legal representation during the first care proceedings.

Legal Aid : Ref: 729227

 Posted: 06/May/2021

I have two children, my older child is 12 and has been under 4 hospitals his entire lifetime, has autism or ADHD. My other child who is 9 also meets the DSM criteria for autism at the same age. Social services made fraudulent claims and took them away from their family, failing provide any help and support to me as the mother. My two children are in foster care and displaying behaviours which is evidence in its self, social services deliberately and fraudulently withheld records from the judge to obtain threshold to remove them, allowing my children to come to harm whilst in care, I have applied for judicial review and hold no confidence in the family law system due to the extent of lies being told to Judges by social services.

Legal Aid : Ref: 729228

 Posted: 06/May/2021

Her daughter was always turned out immaculately and she is seeing her in a contact centre. The issue is there was no final ruling, a Judge basically said she was going to remove the child or at least not return the child. There was no final hearing. There was no review of her home condition (mainly, the issue here was there was a leak that the landlord had struggled to rectify due to Covid. She’s improved the home dramatically herself even though the council landlord haven’t done their works.

Legal Aid : Ref: 729223

 Posted: 04/May/2021

Young couple, mum and dad coerced to separate, by threats to remove their unborn child. Mother moved in with family abroad and wants to return home with their baby to live as a family with her husband: I asked about contact review as Judge ordered. LA stayed silent... sent several email to LA Legal but haven’t heard from them. And then I have requested for an application to the court... And it’s over two month now.

Has Funds : Ref: 729222

 Posted: 04/May/2021

Tomorrow the SS has a meeting to eliminate the daughter as special guardian of the nephews. They proposed to the parents of my daughter-in-law to take another child to Poland. They are of the same age as ha. SS eliminated me a year ago. We need a lawyer urgently. I and ny daughter. Kind regards My grandchildren were placed on Foster Family despite my daughter got positive assesments. Proceedings started in July 2019. I was discredited on the bizzare grounds and want to have a other assesment completed. In August 2020, New ICO was produced. In October 2020, ICO was extended. Yesterday, 10th of December 2020 was meant to be the final hearing. Social Services changed their mind about my daughter caring for three boys, they discredited her completely and hearing was postponed until 15th of January. We want to challenge this decision as well.

Legal Aid : Ref: 729224

 Posted: 04/May/2021

My children got removed out my care end of September last year 2020, due to domestic violence, this domestic violence went on for a couple of years and had social services involved a couple of times, but since the kids were removed I have worked well with social services, I have completed mental health work with the wellbeing matters service, I worked with new era and completed all that work, I also did a phycological assessment which came back positive, I’m also weeks into the freedom programme. I’ve spoke to my social worker and he’s saying it could be another at least 7 months and (no guarantee) I could get the kids back into my care even though I’ve done everything asked, attended all contacts with my children, I’ve made significant changes to my life and I’m still being made to wait until my children can return to me, would you say this is right and this is fair? Or is there anything I could do to push it quicker for the return of my children? Thanks