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Kinship care and support network

An Order in Scotland, a directive. optional in England

Anyone presenting themselves as an alternative care provider to a child, is subjected to Social Services investigations and scrutiny. Local Authorities can vary wildly in their politics and standards which may consider the care provider's gender, age, pets, religious beliefs or lifestyle.

A better chance of success lies with arranging a support group of family and friends who pledge to support the parents. This removes any need to involve Social Services. The closest relatives take priority, followed by close friends, you have known for more than two years, all pledging to support you the parents; not the child(ren)

Parenting assessments can include your kinship support group

If parents are deemed incapable or unfit to look after their own child, a close adult relative can apply to the Court for a Special Guardianship Order (SGO). They are an alternative to adoption than can be discharged, cancelled at a later date.

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